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Naruto didn't know how to respond to the kiss, he just stood there mesmerized by her soft pink lips, just currently on his. "S-sorry Naruto I didn't mean to." Hinata said, looking at the ground with her innocent grey eyes. "No, no Hinata don't be sorry it's just you surprised me that's all." Naruto said, smiling nervously. They stood there like that for a moment until Naruto broke the silence, "Uh I have to go, you know Hokage stuff, see ya!" He jumped from the roof and down to the awaiting grass below. He started to walk towards the ramen shop, his mind full of thoughts. "Hey loser you walked into me." Sasuke said from above Naruto. Naruto didn't even notice he bumped into Sasuke, or that he was now on his butt on the dirt road. "Sorry Sasuke I was just thinking." Naruto said, climbing back up to his feet. "Whatever loser just don't do it again." Sasuke said, walking next to Naruto. "Sasuke can i talk to you about something......personal?" Sasuke blinked at the question. "Um yeah sure Naruto whatever it is." Naruto twiddled his thumbs, "Well Hinata kissed me and I don't know what to say, what do you do with Sakura?" Naruto begged for help, "Just be natural girls love that stuff." Sasuke said coolly. "Okay thanks Sasuke I will, but first wanna buy me some ramen?" Sasuke rolled his eyes but walked to the ramen shop with Naruto tagging along.       
shorts were inspired by Kit-Kat-Tik-Tak
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